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“My Realtor Keith Rost was such an excellent human being to work with…”

“Rumor has it that I purchased my first home.  Well, I’m hear to set it all straight. I did indeed purchase my first home, and what an exciting, and at times exhausting experience.
There is more paperwork, phone calls, meetings, faxes, last minute hold-ups and missed appointments in the buying process that I would have ever imagined.  Now I understand where the “realtor fee” comes from.  My realtor was such an excellent human being to work with.  He overlooked absolutely nothing, and was a true professional.  I must say that I was blessed to have this going for me.”


This was another first home buyer purchase and the buyer definitely wanted a home ‘close-in’ to Downtown Portland however still looking for a country type atmosphere.  Due to this buyers expertise with home remodeling, we were able to focus in on some properties which needed some work while not discounting the fact that the home would have to be acceptable per mortgage guidelines.  We found the perfect home for this buyer; located steps from shopping areas but still in a more rural area.  We were extremely happy that the buyer was very excited about this home and it has worked out well for him.