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The City of Portland offers an array of unique neighborhoods!

There are many options offering pleasant, unique lifestyles available to you while living in the City of Portland, Oregon and in all of the individual neighborhoods and surrounding suburban cities.

Portland has been consistently recognized as one of the best places to live in the U.S.  and many have compared the Portland downtown area similar to cities in Europe due to it’s distinct architecture, myriad of bridges, culture, artwork, streetcars, beautiful parks, and much more!

Each location offers a distinct ambience and many of these areas are either connected by public transportation, biking and walking paths.  Both an urban or quiet suburban environment is available dependent on your lifestyle preferences.

Please feel free to review the following information, maps and individual demographics and history of each location (as per the wikipedia links below); as always we are ready to help guide you through your relocation process.

Always feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.,00,_Oregon

Essentially, per the following portrayal the City of Portland is divided up as per the following quadrants:

~  (SE)  Southeast Portland

(NENortheast Portland

(N)   North Portland

(E)   East Portland

(SWSouthwest Portland

~  (NWNorthwest Portland   (Downtown Portland area)











And within each of these areas there are unique neighborhoods all offering their own individual flavor of the city as per the following portrayal:

Portland neighborhoods










Just outside the boundary lines of these areas are the following suburban cities:  (see map below)

Beaverton                    (located adjacent to Southwest Portland),_Oregon


Clackamas                   (located adjacent of Southeast Portland),_Oregon


Gresham                      (located adjacent of East Portland),_Oregon


Happy Valley            (located adjacent of Southeast Portland),_Oregon


Hillsboro                     (located just west of Southwest Portland),_Oregon


Lake Oswego          (located south of Downtown Portland)











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