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When a Seller is contemplating selling their home or rental properties, it is important to become familiar with the schematics for your eventual sale.   Barrington-Grey Realty has been involved with a myriad of successful home sales and will guide you through the entire process.

We are always there for you…throughout the entire transaction process…and after selling and the closing escrow as well.

The following information is a quality resource for any Seller who either is a seasoned ‘pro’ or may be selling their first home.

Each Listing transaction is unique thus some of the following information listed below may or may not apply to your specific home selling scenario however is a good educational resource to review.


At Barrington-Grey Realty, we take pride in being able to suggest many ‘staging’ options prior to you listing your home for sale with our brokerage.

In our current real estate market, you most definitely want to create an attractive environment within your home to create optimum presentation!

This will not only make your house more attractive to potential buyers, but it will help your home achieve its maximum potential.

Having worked as a licensed assistant for a residential appraiser and performing countless appraisals on residential properties, I understand some items within your home and exterior which may benefit you financially to either improve or…may not in order to save you from making repairs, etc. which you may not receive a financial return on. 

I have personally bought and sold many properties in several states throughout our country over the last 31 years and completely understand how paramount it is to create that ‘right’ environment.

There are many homes for sale in our current market and buyers understand they have many options so you want to be position yourself ahead of your competition.

We will definitely take the time to overview your home (interior and exterior), and give creative suggestions for special ‘staging’ techniques.

~First impressions are everything… and quite essential when your home is listed for sale

Most importantly, make sure all of your personal financial information, jewelry, cash (believe it or not there was 1 Seller who had 10K in a top open drawer in one of their bedroom dressers!) etc. is stored and removed out of sight for any upcoming showings for your home. This also includes any personal medications.

Make sure your entire yard is manicured and uncluttered.  Your entry should be swept and inviting; for example if it is the Fall time of the year make sure all the leaves are raked and swept. If it is Summertime and the grass looks dry, consider more frequent watering. If you have a pool make sure it is consistently cleaned. If you have children, store away the toys for a little while and maximize ‘Curb Appeal’!

We have seen many prospective buyers just continue driving by a property and choose not to even review the interior of a home when the home’s exterior appearance is not attractive…again…First impressions are extremely important.

~Depersonalize the home.  If you can, rent a storage unit and put all unused items, excess furniture and such until the house is sold. This will make your house appear larger;  especially if you have a smaller home it will greatly improve the appeal.

Emptying storage spaces, the basement and the garage will help potential buyers envisions their possessions in the home. Remove family photographs, memorabilia, children’s art projects, sports gear and collectibles; anything that might distract the buyer.

The purpose of the buyer’s visit is to engage with the home. It is difficult for buyers to visualize their belongings in a home that is filled with personal items.

Less is best.  Minimalism may really behoove your sale!

~Again, please make sure all personal documents, credit cards, (even medications), and cash/change are not readily visible and should be stored in a safe, discreet place during any home viewings by potential Buyers.

~Remove large pieces of furniture that make a room feel crowded. Arrange furniture so that rooms feel open and bright and walkways are generous.

~Touch up paint in both the interior and exterior areas of your home.  Paint is relatively inexpensive and an attractive ‘quick’ fix in order to attract potential buyers.  Try to always maintain neutral colors since many buyers taste vary.

Go room by room and check paint on walls and baseboards. Make any necessary repairs to sheetrock/drywall. A thorough cleaning and a fresh coat of paint will make the room look and smell fresh. Replace worn carpet if necessary.

~Remove family portraits from the walls.  This will help potential buyers see the home more generically and not as someone else s home.

~Stage each room so that the buyer knows its purpose. For example, if you are currently using the formal dining room as an office, remove the desk and replace it with a dining table and chairs so that the buyer isn’t questioning the floor plan.

You would be surprised to find out how many potential Buyers just do not have the capacity to envision a room if it is not furnished effectively.  Vacant homes tend to turn off many Buyers.

~Sensory perceptions of homes have a huge impact on buyers!  Make sure the garbage is taken out regularly, and if you have any pets you may want to consider either having the carpets cleaned or the use of air fresheners.

~Make sure all your light bulbs are in working order and replace those which are not. Dripping faucets can also be a big detraction so it would help you to have those repaired. Although it does not seem to be a cost saving idea, make sure you leave ALL the lights on…all day!

When a home is being shown by a real estate broker, many buyers have immediately dismissed a home that is either poorly lighted or dark when they initially enter the home for viewing.

~Keep pets away either when you are having an Open House or when your home is being showed to potential buyers  Animals can intimidate some people and may leave a negative impression of your home.

~Reorganize your closets so they don’t present as being cluttered.  This is really important.
A suggestion may be to remove and box up clothes that you are not currently utilizing so your closets appear larger.

~Make sure all beds are made and all things picked up every morning.  Your home may get shown throughout the day while you are at work. Bedrooms with all the beds made and cleaned up present well. This also applies to cleaning up the kitchen so dirty dishes, etc. are not visible.

~Fix sticky doors, steam clean grout on all the tile floors, repair/replace cracked windows, etc.. and any other little household project you may have put off.  Now is the time to address those issues so your home will show with the best presentation possible.

~In short, the presentation of your home is essential.  The best scenario is to create an environment  to show your home as a ‘model home’; presenting as always extremely clean and may appear almost like no one lives there!

Also you may consider offering a Home Warranty…they are reasonably priced (typically around $350-$500…the prices of these warranties are based on the square footage of your home, ‘covered’ items and other factors) however the offering of a home warranty for your home can potentially create more interest from potential Buyers.

All the above information does require some work from a Sellers perspective  however it certainly improves the selling potential of your home and helps towards a more expedient sale!


Barrington-Grey Realty makes sure when either working with prospective Buyers or Sellers that we research the market and evaluate the actual property logistics of current, pending and recently sold properties so we can then analyze the data to formulate a proper estimate of a home’s value. 

There are a myriad of factors and variables that come into play when valuing real estate. Albeit, on a rare occasion one of these sites ‘may’ have an estimate of value that is closely comparable to our calculations however be assured that we put forth a thorough analysis in order to ascertain value for a home.