Keith 503.314.8318 [email protected]

We “both felt your work in both transactions was extraordinary…”

“Dear Keith:

I am writing to thank you for all of the excellent service you provided with the purchase and then sale of our property on Fairhaven in Portland.  Dennis and I both felt your work in both transactions was extraordinary and believe that we would have been near as successful without your honesty, integrity and knowledge.

As you know, the property was an investment for us. Our initial goal was to profit around ($ X) from this investment.  Due to your experience and diligence, we more than doubled this profit.  Your knowledge and insight to the market truly came through on this purchase.

Honestly can be a difficult trait to find in individuals and this is no different in the real estate market.  The fact that you were completely upfront and honest about all of our dealings made the experience delightful and even fun.

We also appreciate the integrity of insuring these transactions were profitable for us.
When things were discovered with the property, you made it right.  That shows that you truly care for your customers and their financial well-being.

If you ever need a reference, for any reason, please feel free to contact us.  This is only a small re-payment for all of your help.”

Jana and Dennis

We had an extremely expedient sale and we were very pleased with the amount of profit that these Buyers (and eventual Sellers) made on this property.